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DND Daisy
8.0 oz
Rating: 2

Love color not happy with how it arrived

I fell in love with this color when i saw it. I was looking forward to being able to test it out. However, when it arrived the gel polish was rock hard and could barely open it. Once i got it open the brush was already broken and couldn’t even fit it back in. This was very disappointing as i only really work with gel polish. Because i was really looking forward to testing out the color, i used the regular polish version which was pretty but not what i wanted/paid for. I know i will never see my money back for it and although i really love the color this is the second time i have gotten a broken polish from this company which does not make me want to buy from them again. I would love to give more stars but it was not worth the wait on a color i was looking forward to the most, just to receive it in the way i did. Disappointed to say the least.